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Italian Restaurant und Pizzeria San Marco in Kiel

Italian Pizzeria San Marco in Kiel, food and prices

New prices, special offers and weekly changing lunch menu which would make one published on this menu with a price very quickly specify invalid. Therefore, instead in the table below our prices listed as a range of various dishes. The price-performance ratio is absolutely appropriate, and the price of drinks on a typical level of Kiel.

from - to €
from - to €
Pizzas5,00 -8,00Salads4,00 - 9,50
Aappetizer7,00 - 10,50Pasta6,00 - 18,00
Meat food
14,50 - 18,00Fish food17,50 - 18,00
Dessert3,60 - 8,70Drinks (0,33 l)3,00 - 6,00
Lunch6,00 -12,00